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The Back Story


On 24th March 2020, the UK Government set about altering the world view of this once proud and free democratic country, by locking every citizen in their home and dictating how and where people can live their lives, if they can go to work, how they should work, attend their schools and even, their access health care!  They were told this was a 'two week' effort to 'flatten the curve'.  Those with curious minds, looked more deeply into this reaction and many who have never had any interest in World Events, became deeply concerned at the unprecedented draconian measures.  People began searching for others who had a similar sense, that extending the two weeks into twelve and then more ... was wrong.  On so many levels.  Wrong and ... Dangerous!
Enter Simon Dolan with his courageous challenge to the Government ...

Simon Dolan KBF.webp

Simon dolan

Appalled at the draconian restrictions imposed by the UK government and seeing what it was doing to people's lives and businesses, in May 2020 Simon founded 'Keep Britain Free' in a bid to do just that. Despite failing to persuade the Supreme Court of the illegality of lockdown, in a high profile court case in which Dolan looked to hold the government to account, the movement is responsible for making the government publish SAGE minutes, as well as forcing them to admit that schools were closed with no legal grounds.
"Keep Britain Free is a movement representing the millions of people who want to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own lives. ​It stands for Freedom: of speech, choice and thought. KBF champions life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

British Flag Ian Taylor on Unsplash

What's next ...

KBF is managed by Members who volunteer to add content, resources and information that can support the people of Great Britain to restore their democratic rights and prevent any further assault on Human Rights.  We will provide links to Experts, Scientific Studies, Campaigns and maintain the Forum.  Many members do not use 'social media', which as we know is heavily censored and would prefer to make connections on a Private Forum.  KBF took off in Mid 2020 as a result of Simon Dolans case, the Protest regarding mask Mandates early summer and the feedback of those who attended.  

Together we can and we will change the future of our world for our people.  And the grandest of dreams is that by doing so ... we can help change the world!

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