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At KBF we want to show our support to those campaigns and campaigners who are avidly working to support Freedom and Autonomy and raise awareness of the public about actions they can take to support their mission. 

help us to restore the nhs to normal

Learn about the campaign, get access to shareables, graphics and links to Actions we can collectively take to demand our NHS Trusts restore sanity, good health care for everyone and stop their covid obsessions forthwith!

Check out the Campaign page

Help us put the HEART back into our Health Service


Children Reading the Holy Bible

Children are our future.  They are innocent and deserve our protection.  The protection of all adults in the tribe.  Our tribe is first and foremost, our own family.  Followed by our community, then our country and then the people of our world.

Right now ... there are a number of campaigns that we support, that are focusing on putting children's lives and their health ahead of nonsensical profit driven decisions.

We support the legal challenges to the roll out of the experimental gene therapy (vaccine) to the 5-11 year olds.  There is thus far no response to the continued requests for an explanation for injecting any child or young adult, from this Government and Health Department.  Their actions go against the advice of the JCVI and many deeply concerned experts.

To learn more about this campaign, please visit the campaigners websites.

We will add more information and posts on this topic and other campaigns as our content creation develops it's routine and function.

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