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We have always believed that the Govt has acted illegally and disproportionately over the COVID-19 lockdown and in 2020 we embarked on a journey through the courts to fight this.

Sadly as the months went by and our attempts were shut down, despite winning our appeal and our case being heard in the Supreme court, it became clear we were not going to win against the tyranny in this way.

However, on our journey we did achieve many landmark victories including forcing the governments hand to release the SAGE minutes, admitting there were no legal grounds to close schools and a U-turn on the amount of social distancing required in schools. 

Our legal challenge may be over but our resolve is steadfast. We know that uniting in our voice and standing up for the rights and freedoms that this country was founded upon, we can fight back, we can say 'never again' to lockdown and we can Keep Britain Free'. Please stay up to date with our campaigns and join the fight back for freedom. 

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Admission schools closed with no legal grounds

The Govt have admitted that they had no legal basis to close schools, and that they simply 'recommended it'. READ MORE


1m rule to be reviewed to allow more pupils back in

Just one day after we exposed the Gov’s trick of words regarding school closures!


SAGE minutes release after we demanded them

The Government have now released Sage minutes following our demands. 


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