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Our Mission remains the same as when the movement was first created … to ensure that our freedoms and our right to our freedoms as people of a Democratic country, are NON NEGOTIABLE.

Democracy is a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation, or to choose governing officials who will do so with continued consultation of the people.

Great Britain is a Democratic country.  With a long history of pride in our freedoms and our willingness to fight for those.


In 2020, we witnessed the opposite of democracy, where a 'label' created out of grossly incompetent modelling, allowed for one minister to scribe new laws that affected our Human Rights and Freedom, without any proper consultation of the people's representative MPs.


Our Mission includes an assertion;  that to protect the people from any future abuse of power, there will be new measures in place to stop the Government from using any threat of a future health emergency or any other type of emergency, as a reason to curtail our freedoms or to ‘lock people up’ or alter their Human Rights.


In short, our mission is to ensure that this will never happen again.

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Principles of Democracy: Cornerstones of democracy include freedom of assembly, association and speech, inclusiveness and equality, citizenship, consent of the governed, voting rights, freedom from unwarranted governmental deprivation of the right to life and liberty, and minority rights.


We hold a vision of a future that brings back the balance of power to the people.  To remind Governments they serve us.  To ensure the hierarchy of control is very much people first, headed only by natural law.


Our Values include but are not limited to:


Freedom      Fairness     Transparency     Autonomy 


We act as a portal where like minded people can meet, collaborate, discuss, debate and choose the vision we collectively uphold.


In Mind.  In Body.  In Spirit.

what's the plan?

We are planning to present a Podcast where we aim to interview real people who are willing to share their stories of the harms that have befallen them and their families.


We want to open up the dialogue and give you space to share what happened to you and how this Government's choices have impacted you, the people they are voted by.


We will also invite in, experts in politics, wealth creation, health, laws and more and we will ask them to answer your questions and offer advice on how to navigate the future we intend to create.


There is a Covid-19 Enquiry.


We want to share your stories of the harms that Lockdowns and the measures brought in under the ‘emergency’ have caused to you, your family, your health and wealth, your future security and more.


We will present your stories to the lead investigators of the Enquiry, ensuring with full transparency (public sharing), that no stone goes unturned.


We will ensure that your accounts become a historical record, to be remembered and to act as lessons for those who present themselves as current and future people's representatives in Government.  


We have learned from the uniting of many groups in the last year, that your words hold power.  That the ‘push back’ did have a positive effect and that is why Boris Johnson became a forerunner in removing the draconian Covid Pandemic measures.


It is important to continue to unite the groups.  To listen and to share information and opinions.


Together we truly can create and shape the world we choose to live in.


Remember … they serve us, because we allow them to.

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Are you ready to share your story?

This is your opportunity to make a record of the experiences you endured at the command of a handful of Ministers & Scientific advisors to the Government.  Sharing your story will increase the power of our collective voices to bring about change and certainty that this will never happen to anyone else again.

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