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NHS Campaign

We invite you to support the Campaign that goes out to all NHS Trusts to demand we see our National Health Services restored to the empathic, caring, healing service that respects Human Rights and observes the promise to 'First Do No Harm'.  Join us and other prominent Groups as we build the Campaign content and put our demands forward to the influencers in charge of how our NHS is managed.

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NHS Drop THe Restrictions

We have witnessed the sad demise of our once proud National Health Service.  Not only to the known refusal to fully fund the service to the degree it requires for Health to be prioritised, but due to the obsession with Covid over any and all other treatments or health concerns.

It's time to demand our services are restored and any and all cruel, inhumane and downright wrongful activities within the sector, CEASE!

We began with a Survey and saw 50% of the respondents now have a 'Distrust in all NHS services'

There's much more that we will be adding to this campaign page soon.

We ask that you complete the survey if you have had any negative experiences with the NHS, if you have Trust to report on, that will help us build our case.

=>> Survey

We are asking for short videos from our members and those who complete the survey, to share on our social channels with the Campaign logos to create an impact.

Please use the profile graphics to show our collective demands


Feel free to Use These Graphics

These work well on Twitter, FB & Insta
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Rate Experience Patient.png
List Negative Experiences.png
Impact on Patients of Covid Obssessed Policy.png
NHS Trust #BackToNormal.png

Additional actions

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Smile Free Campaign

Support the Campaign to end all mask mandates in the UK.

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UKMFA Open Letters

UKMFA have a series of Open Letters to send the relevant authorities.

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