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A Courageous Politician is Wrongfully Suspended & the Beeb are Infiltrated with TRUTH!

We've shared the efforts of Andrew Bridgen MP on our blog. His 'tweets' have been filled with more and more evidence of 'reason to be deeply concerned' about the Covid Vaccines.

He openly speaks about the knowledge that his 'time is limited' in his current post. He knew the risks he took when he spoke out yet it seems he hoped (like many of us), that truth spills into the mix and the more people who see what we see, the sooner the 'powers that be' who profit from this devastating assault on freedom and health, will be stopped.

Andrew shared a Tweet that included a Quote from an Israeli Consultant that pointed to the 'crimes against humanity' currently being perpetuated against the population of our country and indeed those of the Western World.

He is being vilified as we speak but bravely spoke out on his own channel to accurately bring balance to what the accusers all suggest.

Further along, we will share more of this story and other related incidents that are coming to the fore ...

The quote included the word 'holocaust'. A word that is a 'trigger' for sadness, horror and reactions that arise from it's use. It is also known and somewhat CLEAR, it is also being politicised as a method of denigrating those who speak against the Government narratives.

Andrew Bridgen did not use the word to compare what he is seeing happening in the world today as a result of the known dangerous, deadly and disabling experimental injections - which is what he is accused of by people like Matt Hancock, previous Health Secretary responsible for 'rolling out' these jabs.

His quote that came from the Israeli Consultant Cardiologist, suggested the rate of deaths we are seeing; not only at the approval of our Governments but with their blessing and their continued attempts to suppress the facts and therefore STOP further deaths and harms: is the worst crime against humanity since the holocaust.

Our admins in their research, came across Vera Sharav a holocaust survivor who has been outspoken against many human rights violations and became well known as a campaigner against the Covid-19 responses.

Vera has actively insisted that what she is witnessing, has similarities of the run up to the holocaust. In terms of using mind control techniques and propaganda on the wider populations so they ignored the cruelty the Jewish people suffered and other strategies and tactics employed by the Nazi's. We cannot comment too far on her concerns, or her accusations but feel it appropriate to share a link to what she does say, so you can make your own evaluation.

You can watch her interview where she shares her personal story and digs into why she stepped up to speak publicly against what she saw Governments doing globally in response to Covid Pandemic announcements.


Another article that seems appropriate to share in this post, is that of Andrew Barr, founder of the group "Jews for Justice". This group was set up to stand up to the coercion and brainwashing that supported the mandated experimental 'vaccines'.

You can read Andrew's opinion of Andrew Bridgen's tweet here:

And today another of our heroic British Professors, Professor Norman Fenton, a Jewish man himself; his father was a holocaust survivor (the only one in his family!) has publicly condemned the attack on Andrew Bridgen as he fears these accusations serve a political purpose - to divert attention away from the real concerns that Andrew has raised.

It is our strong assertion that not only is Andrew Bridgen a politician worthy of listening to ... he deserve an award.

Introducing KBF Hero Awards

At KBF we all appreciate the first hero award goes to our very own Simon Dolan for his concerted efforts to stop lockdowns before the damage became too much to bear. We all now know the courts would never allow him to win that case, but the efforts made brought many thousands awake to the fraud and exaggerations globally, some comfort and even provided the missing ... hope.

I've lost count of the number of times I've been thanked and asked to pass on praise to Simon Dolan for the court case and for founding Keep Britain Free. People remember what it felt like to know that someone else thought like us and was determined to use every tool necessary to highlight injustice and stop the assault on our Freedom.

Leah Butler ~ KBF Podcast Host

Today we begin our awards for those who we consider heroic in their endeavours to bring justice, truth and the protection of all our freedom. We acknowledge there is a long list of those who came before those we mention today and we confirm we intend to keep adding to our Hero Awards list.

One day - we would love to have a ceremony where we get to present our Heroes with real awards and highlight just how much they are each doing and have done, for humanity. No doubt we will also organise the blog to capture each Hero and give them individually the attention and praise they deserve, for now though ... we feature these as part of an important update to the freedom seeking, truth speaking about the fraud supporting the reason for lockdowns and more...

andrew Bridgen MP - we applaud you!

We hope you'll agree Andrew is a hero for his decision to step UP towards the melee whilst knowing he risked everything to do so.

He could have remained silent like all the rest, acted as if he knew nothing and refused to read any further research. As it is ... despite initially also like many, being a vaccine supporter, having had the jabs himself; from the moment he knew the evidence of nefarious and fraudulent acts was firm, he has stood up and he has no intention of remaining silent again. We advocate using the hashtags #ResinstateAndrewBridgen and #IStandWithAndrewBridgen to show our support.

Today we are in celebration mode.

Dr Aseem malhotra Breaks The MSM Silence on vaccine safety alarms

Given our enthusiasm to celebrate the efforts of those who are under attack from every quarter, we are delighted to share the success of Dr Aseem Malhotra in speaking about the risk to the heart from Covid Vaccinations.

The *BBC invited Dr Aseem on the basis he is staunchly against the over prescribing of Statins. Since the latest attempt to downplay or divert from vaccine damage includes suggesting people were prevented from receiving prescriptions for their 'statins', he was invited to speak on the BBC 9 o'clock news. NB - he pointed out there is no data to support this presumption. Statins can cause serious harm and many well known experts advocate against their overuse.

Dr Aseem clearly knew he would take his opportunity whilst he had one, to say what he could and alert the British people to the risks to their health these harmful jabs promote.

He was able to masterfully speak more than we think he probably expected to be allowed. The presenter no doubt had voices in her ear but actually helped to confirm the 'science' and peer reviewed study backed up his assertions.

So we award Dr Aseem Malhotra our Hero Award and extend our gratitude for his decision to speak out and spend the months he has to review data, analyse and expose the horrifying facts surrounding the early decision to approve these known harmful ineffective treatments.

Dr Aseem has been invited to the most influential pro truth media platforms, rightly so! We hope one day he'll accept our invitation to the KBFPod, even though it's in its infancy.

Here he is is with Tucker Carlson. Another media influencer like our own Mark Steyn (who we also believe both deserve an award), Tucker has been a voice of reason and rational debate since the lockdowns were first extended beyond the 'two weeks to flatten the curve'.

KBF continues to support those who support and stand for truth, freedom and democratic rights to live life as we all choose.

We still struggle to manage the time it takes to create the content we so desperately wish to - if you enjoy writing and can provide a few examples of your work, we would really love to hear from you. Please write with examples to any of the emails you receive from our team. We don't have time to watch every video, or read every link you share so get in touch with the article that you feel best aligns with the way our website 'speaks'.

To end on a positive note - we also salute YOU. We know that you in your own way have been fighting for truth, desperate to save people's lives and alert them to the tyrannical assaults happening all over our world.


* This link expires but we have a copy for reference.

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