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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

As you know, this country has a proud history of fighting for freedom. Yet in recent years, Government interference has become endemic in the UK. With great concern, I have felt a creeping encroachment on our liberties by those at Number 10, all of this culminating in the catastrophic lockdown we are living in today.

Through lockdown, the Government has succeeded in stripping us of our freedoms and liberties. Every aspect of our lives is being controlled by a series of chaotic and conflicting measures. We are told who we can see, where we can go and what we can do. We are even told what to think.

"These draconian measures are devastating the economy and ruining the lives for many generations to come."

Thousands of people are losing their jobs and our children are being denied their education. People are dying

Through my judicial review proceedings, it has become clear to me that I am in no way alone in my concern.

"Keep Britain Free is a new movement representing the millions of people who believe in personal freedom. We want to think of ourselves and we want to take back the responsibility for our own lives."

We are not a political party, but a group of independent thinkers who seek to bring politicians to account, not just on polling day, but every day. Through a strong and coordinated voice, we will spread our message of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, with a determination to bring about real change.

Too many people have forgotten that the purpose of a Government is to protect its citizens - a simple premise, which through our action, we will seek to return to.

We have also set up new social media channels, to spread our message far and wide. The links are at the bottom of this page. Please follow these channels and take it upon yourselves to spread the word amongst your networks.

To further demonstrate your support, consider changing your profile photo to the Keep Britain Free logo, sharing the attached image asset on your channels, or posting a message of support such as the below:

“I believe in freedom of choice for all and the protection of personal liberties. The Government’s actions are crippling the economy, denying children education, and trampling over human rights. That’s why I am supporting Keep Britain Free – and it’s why we need to #endlockdownnow

The more followers we have, the stronger our voice will be and the more the Government will listen.

So tell your families, colleagues, professional circles and your friends - anyone who believes in freedom of speech, choice and thought.

Our message is simple – together we can Keep Britain Free.

With kind regards,


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