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Can You Help a Mother Fight The Court Judgement to Experiment on Her Special Needs Son?

Just when you begin to think the insanity is finally settling into some form of rational honesty ...

A distressed if not terrified mother, is seeking help for her court case appeal against the nonsensical judgements that literally threaten a young mans life!

There are many families being forced to fight in the courts to protect their special needs children of adult age; from being forceable jabbed with the experimental Covid-19.

The court has some of the most confusing and ridiculous arguments for forcing Tom to be injected. Tom's mental capacity is that of an 18 MONTH old, he is unable to speak and does not understand the nature of these medical experiments, never mind the risks to his health and life they pose.

For The Good Of Others

The court claims he would want to take the jab 'for the good of others'.

In what way is him being jabbed, going to benefit anyone else? The exaggeration that these jabs protect anyone else, has long since been exposed as a lie, probable fraud and complete ignorance from anyone not in the Pharmaceutical or Health Advisory field.

The other argument they put forward is that he can refuse the jab. When they know already, he does not have the capacity for competency in that decision.

His mother like many others, has done significant personal research and to her horror, discovered the facts are everywhere for all to see and verify, yet the Government maintain their stance, so Courts feel obligated to comply.

Can You Help?

Tom's Mother is asking for help, if you can give it. If finances are challenging, perhaps you might help share this request, maybe promote it in your personal circles, on social media or amongst the Telegram Groups?

Even a Pound or two will help add up and literally everything penny counts. We can hope that it if successful, the outcome would then set a precedent for other families to also demand a cessation of this disgraceful threat.

You can share and support using this link:

If you need some further confirmation of the issues relating to the potential for Heart damage and other side effects of these experimental therapeutics (alleged), here's the fabulous Dr John Campbell (mentioned incredibly positively on the Joe Rogan podcast - yay go the Brits!)

We continue to remain aware, researching both the concerns the British people have and the potential solutions/ campaigns you can support.

You can support FREE SPEECH by supporting those who continue to speak freely, without fear or coercion to stick to any narrative.

Meantime, our next podcast episode is in the wings with an interview with NHS100K Podcast host Matt Taylor.

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