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Covid Inquiry - It's Time To Have Your Say

We've been waiting for the opportunity to tell the Government what we witnessed, experienced and know to be the serious harms brought to bear upon the people of this country (and globally) of the RESPONSE to the suggestion there was a serious pandemic.

Because it was only the modelling presented by the already known to be corrupt Neil Ferguson, that led to the senior scientists advising Government and Ministers on how to respond.

Many knew then it was exaggerated and therefore nefarious, most know now that it was pushed by those with conflicted interests and a huge amount of ego!

Backtracking on what they did

Through lockdown, the Government succeeded in stripping us of our freedoms and liberties. Every aspect of our lives was controlled in an unprecedented manner. We are told who we can see, where we can go and what we can do. We are even told what to think.

People were separated from their loved ones in the most horrific way! Elderly who'd lived their entire lives as married couples, were not permitted to sit with their loved one in their last hours. Parents separated from sick children and children prevented from being with their parents as they struggled to stay alive.

The amount of suffering caused by this Government (would have been worse under labour!), is insurmountable.

And they now all want us to forget and let it go.

Not on our watch!

KBFPod will continue to hold to account the actions that were taken for a virus no more serious than any flu, less so for those under 75. And they knew this all along. Individual MPs tried to battle with the 'scary science' but lacked adequate knowledge to argue against them.

Journalists like Piers Morgan who are doing their best to excuse their disgraceful abuse of the unvaccinated, are the tip of the 'feeling guilty and somewhat embarrassed' iceberg.

Whilst it can be a little bit satisfying to witness the lies unravelling, there are still casualties. Keep Britain Free twitter account has been permanently suspended for sharing the MEPs press conference. More on that later ...


Short video explaining how you can have your say

Share your experience with the UK Covid-19 Public Inquiry here

A simple guide with some prompts to help you here

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