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Digital ID Consultation - Hiding in Plain Sight

Many of our KBF community and the wider freedom movement, have known for some time that there is a Globalist attack on all freedoms that will require the use of Digital ID, that will then be connected to everything about you and your life.

There is a slow nudge nudge activity going on around the world and in the UK. This particular piece is a necessary part the Government requires to push this agenda forward.

You can have your say, refuse the narrative and speak as a valuable voice in the vast sea of concerns.

consultation legislation support digital ID

Please also share the link in all your quaters.


There is an interesting slant on this consultation, that of course will use language very carefully in order to promote the positives they believe will inspire more to agree. Those without prior knowledge of the end goal, may even be inspired to willingly promote the idea of Digital Tracking of your every move!

We need them to see this for what it is ... the beginning of the CCP style Social Credit System that exists in a completely Communist Dictatorship country. A country where they (seemingly openly) sell and harvest human organs and are known to execute and torture those they don't 'like'.

The UK Government appear to be using the huge influx of migrants, which appear to be by design; to aggravate, frustrate and frighten the population into reaction; as a reason to justify the tracking systems they propose.

Combined with Digital Currency, tracking your movements in your local areas, shutting down strikes, debate, social media speculation and more - these are all moves to bring forth Matt Hancock's desired Fourth Industrial Revolution aka Great Reset.

We're working closely with a number of concerned group leaders to keep abreast of what is coming, how they're introducing these regulations and what we can collectively do about them.

Collaboration vs division

Since the very first protest organised by our Podcast Host Leah Butler, with Simon Dolan's support - it has been increasingly obvious that many 'things' can create a division between groups, group leaders, group ethics, campaigns and more.

We admins continue to work behind the scenes to encourage cohesion, honest debate and mediation to those who claim to be on the same side but keep finding only fault with each other (oftentimes publicly).

It is a strong philosophy we hold; that a pause is useful before speaking or sharing any paranoia, justified or not - about other groups or their potential 'controlled operations'. In short, we believe that whilst the spokesperson is helping to bring knowledge to the silent majority, we will support them and share that messaging. Unless and until proven otherwise, everyone is on the same side and we strongly disapprove of divisive tactics.

We do still believe that politically, there are opportunities to show support to parties and candidates who stand for what we believe in. Again and again in the past three years, we have seen that when the people use smart strategies to communicate to the Government, their MPs and other influences, things change.

How We Will Win

Now more than ever ... being strategic in our collaborative efforts, is our best defence against the Great Reset and all the totalitarianism it introduces to our lives.

You'll notice ... in the graphic the word "TOGETHER" is used to remind us all how powerful our voices are - when we sing the same song in tune with each other.

Observing the bubbles btw, was a strategic act to ensure the Police left the protestors alone, no such thing was every promoted or observed by any protestor or organiser at the event.

To conclude this post, we at KBF sincerely hope you will stay the course, remain positive, use all available tools and resources to be well in mind and body and know that what it is to be human, in mind body and soul - is more powerful than any darkness 'they' care to bring.