Should We Really Get Involved In Other People's Wars?

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Focus on Peace not war & Save lives

Should we prioritise acting as 'Peacekeeper' instead of funding a war?

The UK is in disarray. So much for their 'Build Back Better'!

Currently we are watching young people die of SADs (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), children are being subjected to an unnecessary experimental treatment and the cost of living crisis is the only thing that's booming.

Anthony Webber, political expert believes that the food and fuel crisis will not abate unless and until we remove ourselves from this conflict.

There are two suggested causes of Russia's invasion (maybe three if you count the biolabs that the media said didn't exist ... until they did!)

It is suggested that the true risk that Russia is concerned about right now, is in fact NATO closing in around their borders. And it is NATO and their overlords who are breaching long held agreements and a pledge reaffirming the promise in the 90's. So whomever is pulling the strings of NATO (psst ... begins with U and ends in S), are fully aware of the trigger they have pulled and the outcomes we are witnessing. The notion that Russia would wage war on it's neighbour for a scrap over anything less than a very real and present threat to their security - is hard to grasp.

The other more public concern is the inner conflict between parts of Ukraine that were once Russian or remain loyal to Russia and who are allegedly abused, tortured and killed by military (or is it militia) from other areas of Ukraine.

That said ... internal conflicts are not our business. The UK Press & Govt seem content to completely ignore all the suffering going on in other countries of this world. Have and do support conflicts that cost us dearly and never seem to serve the people they claim to be protecting. And NATO should be reminded to abide by the agreement which was set in stone to ensure there would be NO need for conflicts between global powers. So how do we influence our politicians to take action that supports OUR PEOPLE, OUR COUNTRY, OUR ECONOMY?

We use our voices to remind them they are our employees, doing what we want, not what they think is best (or what best serves those who stand to gain) - especially when the evidence shows ... it most certainly is NOT!

If you agree that the conflict in Ukraine is not our war and our efforts would be best served in reaching a peaceful agreement, you can sign the petition and let your MP know you aren't happy with them supporting with arms or cash.

Referendums can go either way. But when explained to the public in the right way, they can be a positive sign of 'pushback' against the action the Government think they can take without prior consultation!

When our own country's people are suffering exponentially and all evidence shows that will continue to get worse, how can it ever be right to throw money at someone else's war?

The Govt used the crisis to avoid dealing with Boris Johnson's 'partygate' affairs. Which we have two points to make on; 1) we didn't agree with any of their 'rules' so wouldn't expect anyone to abide by them but 2) their refusal to do so should serve as a wake up call to the public that they knew all along, the virus simply never did pose any more risk to the population than any other 'flu' like illness.

Following their use of the conflict as a media obsessive distraction, they then centred the narrative around the rising food and fuel debacle. And this is where they hope with their lapdog legacy media's help, to continue pointing people's attention.

They don't want any attention on their wasting of money on things like PPE for example, given so much is now in the bin (awaiting recycling or burning!)

Is the Ukraine Picking the Fight?

In the weeks leading up to NATO’s 2008 summit, President Vladimir Putin warned U.S. diplomats that steps to bring Ukraine into the alliance “would be a hostile act toward Russia.” "

For a start Ukraine have the West on their side, funding their efforts and the small President has an oversized ego (and allegedly a growing bank account) but they certainly didn't ask to be invaded.

The history of what has developed into this conflict is outlined here.

It's clear that Russia will believe itself threatened by losing control or influence over Ukraine but moreover, the threat by other forces including EU and NATO drawing every closer to their borders is very evident.

The insistence there were no biolabs for the Russians to be concerned about has since been debunked and evidence of just how many labs (largely owned by the US) are situated in the country has come as a shock! But the media as always ... remained silent and completely biased - which leads to suspicions over why. What are they trying to hide? Reliable journalists like Vanessa Beeley, have quite a lot to say about this and other conflicts that our country find themselves involved in. Just as the Covid Measures were never about our Health, these conflicts are never about saving lives, protecting people and certainly are not about ensuring people's freedoms are secure.

End the Conflict, Encourage Peace, Restore Sanity to the price of Food & Fuel

There are many opinions on this topic, too many to cover here. They go deep and are highly emotive. We of course support any efforts to protect the vulnerable people of Ukraine. Those who've suffered for a long time deserve to see an end to their plight. Some might say that is one of the Russia's intentions ...

It is always wrong to cause injury, death and suffering to people. It is also wrong to support the continuation of such actions when a peaceful agreement could be made. There are many questions that we should be demanding answers to. The BBC outline some of what is common knowledge but immediately they attempt to debunk the claims that the Ukrainian people have been suffering for many years at the hands of their own people. There is plenty of horrifying footage of the style of abuse that is common in the areas of Ukraine where Russia first aimed it's invasion. There is plenty of evidence of Nazi activity within those territories including Documentaries from many of our MSM sources. Those they now try to shy away from ... nevertheless act as evidence they know of these internal crimes but it isn't convenient to discuss or highlight them any longer.

What we do know is that war is confusing. The people living through it have their own fears, worries, wishes and opinions. And none will ever wholly agree. But what we have at least in Patrick Lancaster's on the ground reporting, is a view that we won't ever see on any legacy media channels ...

Patrick is a Russian speaking ex Naval officer turned journalist. He is funded by his viewers. What has come across in many of the interviews Patrick has done with people living in war torn areas, is that they trust the Russian's not to fire on the people or their own soldiers. Whereas cluster bombs are being used ON the Ukrainian people by the Ukrainian army.

That doesn't mean they all support Russia or their actions. No-one wants war. They now however, no longer trust their own Government to protect or serve them when they aim their weapons into populated areas. And this evidence also serves to highlight how improper our own media reporting is. And how biased. "News" is supposed to reflect truth. Our's seems incapable of achieving that goal.

KBF supports actions that our people can take that will help us to bring peace, clarity, truth and whilst there is an agenda behind the rising cost of living, we can continue to put our own voices where they need to be, focusing on our own freedom, our right to live well and our desire not to spend our taxes funding wars when Peace could and should be our priority.

If you also agree that our duty is not to remain a war monger but to offer support to bring peace and remove all funding that supports conflict, you can add your name to the petition here

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