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Originally scheduled for 15th February, the Government has postponed the review into the current lockdown measures until at least the 8th March. Almost like clockwork, Boris Johnson has once again dangled the prospect of lifting restrictions to keep the majority in line, only to crush any ounce of hope or optimism in one fell swoop. For the past 10 months, millions of children have been deprived of an education as we have moved in and out of national and localized lockdowns at an alarming pace. In fact, the worst-hit school years in some areas across the UK will have had only 73 days of lessons since the pandemic began last March. The prospect of restrictions easing after the February half term raised hopes that we may be about to turn a corner. However, as we have seen so often throughout this pandemic, our completely inept and shambolic Government continues to make decisions on the fly without any regard for the livelihoods of the people that are supposed to abide by them. After already going through a traumatic year which as shown by many studies, is certain to have a long-lasting negative impact on their mental health, the thing children need most is a return to normality. Instead, a disastrous sequence of poor decisions and delays will do nothing but further damage a generation whose education and prospects have already been blighted by lockdown. Our nation’s children are fast becoming the pandemic’s forgotten victims. This is simply not acceptable, and their futures cannot continue to be disregarded without a second thought. On top of this, despite new Covid cases continuing to fall, this week the Government announced the toughest UK border restrictions yet. All UK citizens are now essentially banned from leaving the UK and are to be interrogated at the border if they attempt to do so. Those returning will be locked up – at their own cost – with the key all but thrown away for ten days. The travel industry is a vital cog in the UK economy and should be leveraged with full force as we traverse one of the most difficult recessions in recent history. However, with many airlines and small travel businesses already at breaking point, it is no exaggeration to say the abhorrent mishandling of the pandemic by our Government has already decimated the travel industry beyond recognition. Now with the introduction of these even stricter quarantine rules, it is impossible to say that any of the sector’s 2.6 million jobs are safe and if we will even have an industry to speak of in the future. 2021 was supposed to be the year the Government lead us back to ‘normality’, yet with every inch of the UK back under the tightest form of lockdown, we are trapped in our own version of Groundhog Day. Now, with holidays, schools, friends, business, weddings, parties, protests, concerts, sports, gyms and many more all banned, what is left for people to enjoy? Do the Government seriously think Britons will roll over and accept this as their new reality? With the Government yet again failing to provide a clear road map out of this crisis, we must remain dedicated to our cause of keeping Britain free and act now. The stark reality is that three lockdowns and enforced Government loans have already pushed 250,000 small businesses in the UK to the brink of collapse. As a result, the UK’s unemployment rate is now at 5% and will continue to rise unless drastic steps are taken. With the future of our children and the nation on the line, it is paramount these SMEs, which form the backbone of our economy, are protected. That is why I am calling on small business owners to support a campaign to write off the Covid-19 business loans and give our nation a chance to move forward from this pandemic. You can find more information here: ‘Fighting Back for Business’ As always, please share our updates with your networks, and make sure you are following the Keep Britain Free social media channels, the links to which are below. Together, we will Keep Britain Free. Simon.

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