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Final Update on Court Case

This will be the final update on our case.

Having explored all legal avenues, we have decided it is time to close the campaign.

Our case, whilst ultimately unsuccessful, did see some wins along the way. The biggest of these was when we forced the Govt to publish all the Sage minutes which they had previously kept hidden. We also had the extraordinary announcement from the Govt that 'they had never closed schools'. It was at this point I knew they would do whatever they could to evade responsibility.

Whilst this particular case is now over, the fight continues on through Keep Britain Free (KBF). KBF exists to fight for our basic freedoms - our basic human rights. We have some announcements coming soon about some smaller cases we are working on and our plans for the future so do make sure you check in here on the website to keep up to date.

On a personal note I would like to thank each and every one of you for your good wishes, encouragement and of course donations to the case.

We are still waiting for an exact figure from the Govt for their costs (yes we have to pay for their costs too believe it or not), however our legal fees in total were £684,535 which is broken down as:

  1. Lawyers and Barristers fees £469,854

  2. Govt Costs £121,210

  3. VAT £93,470 (there is no VAT on Govt costs)

Our donations to the CrowdJustice site were £427,037. From this CrowdJustice take 6% + VAT for their fee. The balance of £396,291 was transferred along the way to our solicitors client account and then used to pay the legal fees. We also received 2 large corporate donations totalling £65,000. The balance of the fees and costs remaining, which were £223,244, were paid by myself.

Thank you for your support.


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