Freedom of speech is being threatened

Dear Supporters,

This year was promised as a new dawn of hope and restored independence, yet we seem to be spiralling into a more draconian society day by day.

We have been all but stripped of our right to a private life, with the Government dictating our every move and crushing any ounce of freedom or liberties that remain. And now, even our right to freedom of speech is being threatened.

Just this week, 2,000 followers were removed from my personal twitter account overnight. So, whilst social media giants are happy to allow Chinese Government accounts to boast about re-educating “the minds of Uygur women”, we are being censored simply for arguing that there is another way.

The reality around the circumstances of this action are ludicrous and demonstrate that Twitter is not a platform concerned with the right to free speech.

On top of this, Google suspended Parler – the free speech alternative to Twitter – because the platform wouldn’t enforce draconian censorship policies.

Such widespread suppression of free speech cannot be condoned! Now, more than ever, we must stand together and show that we will not aid and abet the rise of a totalitarian state.

Undoubtedly, the tide is turning, and this sentiment is constantly gaining traction up and down the country. However, with the police now promising to question any individual who dares to step outside their own home, we cannot ease up.

This latest new hard lined approach from Scotland Yard has seen a jogger in London stopped by a Covid marshal for ‘breathing heavily’, in Derbyshire two women were fined for going on a socially distanced lockdown walk and a couple were fined for travelling just 7-miles to a care home in Porthcawl.

It is simply absurd that this is what society has come to. These latest infringements echo life under a communist dictatorship and are a far cry from democratic nation we once were.

Throughout this pandemic, our Government has become an utter shambles, turning out a myriad of nonsensical, ambiguous and contradictory rules.

Ten months on and we are still being barraged with a constant stream of mixed messages. While last week Gove suggested that the latest restrictions could last until March, it is now being suggested that lockdown measures could remain in place until the Autumn, following the discovery of a new mutant Covid strain in Brazil.

With the Government yet again failing to commit to a clear exist strategy for our nation, and instead chopping and changing their opinions on a daily basis, we must remain dedicated to our cause of keeping Britain free.

Please share our updates with your networks, and make sure you are following the Keep Britain Free social media channels, the links to which are below.

Following the suppression of free speech on Twitter, I have since moved over to Gab (@Simondolan) and look forward to seeing you there.

Together, we will Keep Britain Free.


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