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G20 Worrying Trend to Mandate Vaccines & Passes!

The G20 is another body of individuals - classed as a 'forum'. They discuss matters relating to global economy when they meet on a regular basis.

They state that they aim to build an inclusive sustainable future as enshrined in their G20 action plan on the 2030 Agenda.

They suggest their progress was blighted and disrupted by Covid-19 pandemic. Emmm ... more accurately, the world was blighted by the response to the pandemic, which as we all know, was largely directed by China.

They have a deep focus on all things Climate Change and Biological Diversity. Biodiversity is a very interesting area and one we have already investigated (we have an upcoming interview with our KBFPod Host Leah Butler and Growing Sovereign).

It's a good idea to always use the correct terms when discussing what is happening to our people when we quote their dross ...

Covid-19 RESPONSE directed by China and governed by WHO (primarily funded by pharmaceuticals and China), has pushed more than 100 million people into poverty, made 28 million people unemployed and threatened the livelihoods of 1.6 billion workers.

None of which was necessary and proven so today. As Sweden remains a vibrant economy without excess deaths, Florida is also doing exceptionally well. There will be other examples of states or countries, who either ended lockdowns sooner and got people back to living or never initiated the draconian CCP style rules in the first place.


The G20 started in 1999, following the Asian financial crisis, as a forum for finance ministers and central bank governors from the major developed and emerging economies to discuss global financial issues.

Amid the global financial crisis in 2008, it grew into the leaders’ summit, a place where presidents and prime ministers could get together for two days to try to solve the world’s economic problems.

When You know ... you know

As their headings for their focus groups are outlined, you can begin to see how this is all part of the bigger picture we've seen heading our way, based on the plans that we once believed (rather hoped!) were merely conspiracy theories.

By combining direction to 'work on' solutions to a number of areas, you can see how they knit into the WEF ultimate goal of having everyone on universal basic income, reliant on state, owning nothing, not allowed to travel, no airlines or airports to exist starting 2030 by 2050 with zero body autonomy, eating bugs, educated on computers at home, with all areas of life governed by a digital pass.

You may want to boycott any stores that start refusing entry - such as Tesco this week, if you aren't carrying their app. This is a NUDGE!

We are looking out for nudges and plan to alert you when we see them. Our podcast host is also a trained influence and behaviour expert, so she's always looking for the methods the Governments and NGOs are using to influence your behaviour, beliefs and thinking.

What the G20 working groups are focusing on.

In a nutshell the topics they cover are;

  • Finance

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Food

  • Digital

  • Health

  • Biodiversity

  • Climate

You might wonder how they'll achieve their plans to rule over every citizen of the world ... well they paint it as a picture of 'caring' for people and use terminology that sounds just lovely. You can read the full declaration here and if you enjoy writing and would like to explore any of the areas of focus, we welcome volunteer written content that suits our readership.

The reality as we know is, if they truly cared for people they'd make pharmaceuticals liable for their products again, they'd have actual HEALTH ministers in charge of advising the public over what to do to enhance health, they'd reduce the excess (money wasting) controls in all public services, allow more decentralised governance and they'd allow children to be ... children.

And they'd STOP LYING TO US!

Just to add here ... we do know that the majority of those 'do gooders' ... actually believe what they're doing is for the greater good. Just as the majority of our Ministers and MPs believe their role in parliament is a positive one.

We also know however, there are very wealthy nefarious actors at the helm. They use their money and influence to change policies, to have 'scientists' say what suits their agenda, manipulating MPs, PMs and world leaders and have cleverly had common purpose training inserted into many organisations across the globe.

Mike Graham once commented on his radio show, that anyone working in the Cabinet, has already sold their soul to get there. And everyone knows it. The Conservative Woman magazine covered some of the ways the globalists are achieving their aims in this well written article:

Have you noticed any improvements since the G20 inception?

No neither have we. Funny that. A group set up to solve problems, and our world is in the worst financial crisis seen since the 2008 crash.

Whilst there are PMs and Presidents, there are also finance ministers and central bank governors, trade representatives and anti-corruption working groups. So you'd presume between them they'd have achieved ... something!

Instead ... they seemed keen to focus on stripping your health freedoms once again!

G20 November 2022 Declaration

They covered a number of topics but the area that is most worrying relates to the same issues we've covered coming from WHO.

Welcome the provision of additional financial resources through the operationalization of the Financial Intermediary Fund for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response (PPR FIF/Pandemic Fund). The PPR FIF/Pandemic Fund is hosted by the World Bank, and has been established in close collaboration with the WHO which, as the lead international technical agency responsible for PPR and custodian of the IHR (2005), will play a central role in the PPR FIF/Pandemic Fund.

They're focusing their attention on providing WHO with public money (that's YOUR money btw), to support their pandemic preparedness. Which would be just lovely, if there was any need for such a thing!

Prior to 2020, there has been a well examined pandemic response that is precisely what Sweden followed and is why they do not see the economic hardships we are seeing, nor do they have the horrific excess deaths seen in the US and UK.

We'll watch and see who specifically gets cash from this new fund. It is very likely some of the heads of such departments, will be the same (incentivised) faces we saw rolled out onto the TV Screens throughout the last three years pushing lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine passes and more.

Commit to nurturing under WHO coordination an ecosystem of manufacturing and research and development, which encourages strong collaboration between academia, government, research institutions, civil society, philanthropic foundations, international organizations, and private entities as well as acknowledge the importance of public-private partnership, technology transfer, and knowledge sharing on voluntary and mutually agreed terms

They claim they want to support science ... will that be 'the science' or real science?

They also speak about racing out 'new' vaccines, reducing the time from 300 days down to only 100. Which no decent honest scientist would agree with.

Proper testing is imperative for any and all medications, particularly those using brand new technology without any long term safety testing.

As the debacle of the rollout of the rushed Covid vaccines shows us... the pharmaceuticals tried to hide the 8 pages of densley formatted side effects, failing to publish those, choosing not to share them with the same people they contracted with to purchase them and even tried to prevent ever sharing the information for 75 years!

Support science to shorten the cycle for the development, manufacturing, and distribution of safe and effective VTDs, with the ambition to develop VTDs from 300 to 100 days in the long term acknowledging the differences in challenges to develop vaccines compared to therapeutics and diagnostics, following the identification of such threats while maintaining strong regulatory oversight and public confidence, and work to make them affordable and widely available.

We now see that finally, the pharmaceuticals claim at least, they're doing studies on the connection between (they claim it's rare), Miocarditis and their rushed experimental gene therapies.

In the absence of any health advisory body doing what should have been a priority given these MRNA drugs are given to pregnant women and children, thankfully what we see happening around the world, is honest people, hard working volunteers in every field are setting up their own studies, groups of support, research and health advice.

introducing the Vaccine control group

Because the pharmaceuticals unblinded the placebo group after just three months, which is practically unheard of - these two brave ladies set one up!

What's absolutely marvellous, is what their data shows to experts who have been in touch from across the world, and who is interested in using it. (Some of those 'honest & ethical' medics or scientists)

Whilst the introduction of the vaccine control group system focused on supporting the unvaccinated with a membership card to prove their exemption (actually adopted by Canada's travel agency), they are asking for volunteers who have been vaccinated to help them provide better comparison data.

Their members have signed up to help the long term study of the effects of the vaccines, including susceptibility to contracting the virus, severity of symptoms, side effects and more.

Watch or listen to the interview to learn more on what the Vaccine Control Group have achieved and what they plan next ...

Click Here: . Links to all Video & Podcasting platforms, plus where you'll find the VaxControlGroup online, are listed there.

Everything we do at KBF, is about educating ourselves, our audiences and building a strong movement of people prepared to say NO to the onslaught of unprecedented assaults on our freedom, body autonomy and more.

What these G20 members have now proposed is deeply worrying.

They are using the 'narrative' despite it having been debunked and adequately challenged on repeat, to push forward with excessive controls over your lives.

Acknowledge the importance of shared technical standards to facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital and non-digital solutions aligned with countries’ relevant legal provisions including those used for COVID-19 proof of vaccination or verification of tests as well as the IHR (2005) which provide an overarching legal framework for addressing public health emergencies that have the potential to cross borders. 3, 9, 10, 17 Endeavour to move towards interoperability of systems including mechanisms that validate proof of vaccination, whilst respecting the sovereignty of national health policies, and relevant national regulations such as personal data protection and data-sharing.

The MEPs who refused to allow the narrative to push them into being vaccinated, when they'd all done their own research to ascertain their health risks of a virus and the potential risks of these gene therapies, recently exposed something that was never a secret.

The way they exposed the fact that Pfizer had never tested for 'transmission' post vaccination, blew up on Twitter and other social media channels. They cleverly made the essential POINT ...

Vaccine Passports/ Mandatory Vaccines were based on 'transmission'!

Sadly sharing the Press Conference that followed the initial live video of Rob Roos MEP, led to KBF Twitter with nearly 50,000 followers being suspended. And at the same time our KBFPod host Leah Butler saw her Facebook banned for yet another 30 days!

What was always known by those who chose to LOOK; was that the pharmaceuticals never said they could show the vaccine prevented transmission - which is why the WHO had to change the definition of a 'vaccine'.

This is also why those who shared that fact on their own social media channels, couldn't believe the vitriol and attacks from friends, family, bots and 77th.

Because everyone complaining they were 'anti-vaxxers' or 'lying', could simply go to the pharmaceutical websites and search for that information themselves!

In reality, the lack of any evidence these gene therapies would prevent a person transmitting the virus by taking the vaccine, destroys any claim you are a 'granny killer' by not taking it. So every single vile celebrity, journalist or influencer who spouted their spiteful accusations, attacks and insults - was completely wrong!

The pharmaceuticals allowed this misinformation to penetrate the public conversation, did nothing to correct media or Governments using this assumption to force the people into getting a jab to keep their job, access shops, eat out or travel. The Pfizer CEO even perpetuated the myth in his interviews!

Such is the propaganda ...

The final comment on the Declaration we'd like to note: focused on the enforcement of Digital Passes to prove Covid Vaccination or vaccination status of any future (pre-planned/ bio weapon release/ media driven assault) pandemic would entail.

Acknowledge that continued global cooperation is necessary to establish trust among countries and support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks as part of efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics. Further steps should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standards and digital COVID19 certificates.

What should be happening is a full examination of the many flaws of this rushed rollout, the behaviours that ensued, the punishment of those who did their own research and the vast coercion of public behaviors and attitudes - which would firmly call an end to any future discussion of similar acts taking place!

To conclude our latest comment on global matters affecting Great Britain and our FREEDOM, do you feel confident that the 'conspiracy theorists' who said there is a 'plan' or an 'agenda' behind the 2020 pandemic and lockdowns - were wrong?

Keep your eyes open, your ears pricked and your mind in a good state of health to manage what's coming. Because together, we can and will WIN!

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