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Introducing the Keep Britain Free Podcast

From the day this community was founded by Simon Dolan, right up to today, it has held the same principles for what we stand for and what we want.

KBF members have stood shoulder to shoulder with each other from every walk of life. We gathered at the first televised protest in August 2020. We began connecting on the Forum where many who have never used 'social media'

A podcast has been in the planning phase for a few months. As all administrators are volunteers, the tech, design, build, interviews and editing ... took longer than was hoped.

At last it's here!

The podcast has five live interviews with five further episodes in the editing suite. All episodes are viewable on the YouTube Channel - soon the video versions will be available on Odysee, Rumble and if enough of our members vote for any other video hosts, we'll add them there too.

As soon as there are enough subscribers to the YT channel, the other platforms will automatically sync new uploads - which as you can imagine for hour long interviews, will save many hours!

You can also listen on your favourite app: Apple, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music and Podbean.

We'd really appreciate any subscribes, likes, shares and feedback on what you'd like to hear more of.

Backtracking on what they did

Through lockdown, the Government succeeded in stripping us of our freedoms and liberties. Every aspect of our lives was controlled in an unprecedented manner. We are told who we can see, where we can go and what we can do. We are even told what to think.

People were separated from their loved ones in the most horrific way! Elderly who'd lived their entire lives as married couples, were not permitted to sit with their loved one in their last hours. Parents separated from sick children and children prevented from being with their parents as they struggled to stay alive.

The amount of suffering caused by this Government (would have been worse under labour!), is insurmountable.

And they now all want us to forget and let it go.

Not on our watch!

KBFPod will continue to hold to account the actions that were taken for a virus no more serious than any flu, less so for those under 75. And they knew this all along. Individual MPs tried to battle with the 'scary science' but lacked adequate knowledge to argue against them.

Journalists like Piers Morgan who are doing their best to excuse their disgraceful abuse of the unvaccinated, are the tip of the 'feeling guilty and somewhat embarrassed' iceberg.

Whilst it can be a little bit satisfying to witness the lies unravelling, there are still casualties. Keep Britain Free twitter account has been permanently suspended for sharing the MEPs press conference. More on that later ...

So without further ado ... to help remind us of where KBF was birthed, why and some of the faces you met in 2020 - head over to the first episode with Clare Wills Harrison. A lawyer with a determined spirit who tried to save the elderly, has worked tirelessly to expose what happened to them and who appeared at the KBF protest in June 2020 speared on by Leah Butler (Leah Butler-Smith).

If you'd like to support us getting the sync option approved to Odysee and Rumble, please click the YouTube link to add your subscribe and like - which will protect the episodes from censorship going forward.

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