Judge orders Interim Injunction hearing date of the 15th Oct

We are pleased to announce that on the 5th of October, the Judge agreed to an Interim Injunction Hearing. This is our Court hearing to try to get the latest regulations thrown out. We have been given the date of the15th of October with no further opportunity for delay from the Government.

The Government have until Friday the 9th to file evidence.

This positive news comes after the update that on the 1st of October, we once again served the Government legal papers seeking urgent relief from the Court to quash the new restrictions laid down by Boris Johnson’s Cabinet and to declare them illegal. We have joined forces with leading wedding venue operator Cripps Barn Group Ltd and together we will seek to halt the Governments latest lockdown laws. We say the contradictory and confusing laws are destroying the hospitality industry and that the measures are disproportionate to the risk to public health from COVID-19. Family-run wedding and events firm Cripps is a member of the £130 billion hospitality industry and – like many others - has seen their business devastated by the Government’s restrictions. The business has been blitzed by the new rule limiting weddings to 15 people – while pubs and restaurants can hold unlimited numbers within individual groups. We are arguing that the Government misused legislation to bring in the new regulations without proper scrutiny by parliament. The Government introduced the new measures through the Public Health (Control of Infectious Disease) Act 1984 by certifying the legislation as ‘urgent’. That loophole allows Ministers to make the laws effective immediately without prior approval in parliament.

If the injunction is granted, and a public official attempts to impose the lockdown laws, they could be in contempt of court which is ultimately punishable by imprisonment. We are bringing this case in addition to the existing high profile legal challenge to the Government, which continues and the Appeal will be heard on 29th Oct.

This additional, fresh legal challenge comes after backbench MPs, who were demanding more say over COVID restrictions, rolled over and accepted a future vote ‘wherever possible’ on lockdown measures. Action must be taken now to bring our leaders to account for this unforgivable damage.

To help us in our mission, please continue to share our updates and the link to our Crowdjustice page with your networks. Make sure you are following the Keep Britain Free social media channels and please also consider adding #KBF to your social media handles or bios to help spread awareness of the campaign far and wide.

Together, we will Keep Britain Free.

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