Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Freedom of speech and openness are at the heart of KBF, and in this spirit we have been working on something a little special.

As our community has grown it has become harder to personally respond to all your wonderful emails, comments, questions and suggestions, but we dearly want to keep the personal touch and values that our whole campaign is based upon.

As a result, we have come up with a way to further bring us all together: We are creating a community show which will be available on our Youtube Channel, as a way of directly answering your questions, talking about the topics in the KBF forums, plugging the great things you are doing in the community and generally talking about the things that matter to us all. We hope you will join us.


We would like you to get involved and here is how;

1) Send us your questions right here - just write below anything you want to ask Simon directly.

2) Send us videos of yourself and let us know what KBF means to you and why you want to be involved. You can send these to quick tip - please make these videos landscape as we will be filming the show in this profile. Please let us know in the email that you expressly give us permission to use these in the show.

3) Tell us what you would like to see us discuss. Again you can do this right here below in the comments section. We will be monitoring this thread daily and using as much from it as we possibly can.

The show will be available to view from 4pm Friday 4th September.

Together, we will Keep Britain Free.

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