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Keep Britain Free Demo

Support the first ever Keep Britain Free demo – Hyde Park, 1pm, Sunday.

Keep Britain Free is holding its first ever demonstration this Sunday - with supporters

urged to come and make their voices heard over the erosion of freedoms in the UK.

The protest has been arranged in response to the Government’s decision to impose

mask wearing for shoppers. For many this was the last straw, following 16 weeks of

liberty-sapping regulations and laws imposed during lockdown.


The masks rule will come into force despite there being little scientific evidence it

actually helps.

Keep Britain Free’s peaceful gathering will begin at Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde

Park at 1pm. The group will be identified by red balloons.

It will then transfer to nearby Marble Arch, where speakers will address the group.

Among those due to attend is writer, journalist and columnist James Delingpole. James,

who is published across the national media and has authored four political books, is

executive editor of Breitbart London.

Speakers will include:

  • Organiser Leah Butler-Smith, a psychotherapist and NLP Expert. Introducing speakers and sharing her concerns over mental health

  • Lawyer Clare Will Harrison - on care homes

  • Health practitioner Jacklyn Dunne - how her live stream went viral and how this prompted many concerned individuals to share their stories

  • Vlogger Cassie Sunshine - the concerns of a rushed vaccine

  • Statistician Nigel Jacklin - how the coronavirus figures have created a climate of fear

The masks order will come into effect on July 24. Anyone not complying will be issued

with a £100 fine. Now it also appears that the same rules could be introduced in offices

and other workplaces. 


This is illogical and irrational given where we now are. Masks will not help. They will

starve the battered retail sector of the oxygen that is needed to claw its way back to

something like a healthy position. Moreover, it is a further barrier to people getting back

to a normal life.


The gathering is also about calling for the Government to answer questions over many

of its lockdown policies. These have led to the deaths of thousands of the elderly in care

homes, the withdrawal of medical treatment for the those people, the DNR notices, the

lack of access to medical care for thousands of people who had illnesses diagnosed at

the start of lockdown, the withdrawal of education for an entire generation, and an

economic impact which will see a deep recession and the loss of hundreds of thousands

of jobs.

Only this week we learned from official data that 649,000 people left company payrolls

between March and June – and this trend is not likely to reverse.

The effects of lockdown will lead to increasing poverty for the vulnerable and needy and

will take a terrible financial, emotional and medical toll on this country. 


It is not just about masks. It is about your rights, your freedoms and your way of life, all

of which has been changed to your detriment by this Government. 

So we urge you to join Keep Britain Free on for the PEACEFUL demonstration to

demand restoration of freedom and liberties.

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