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Legal team officially submits our application to take the case to the Supreme Court.

Papers have now been served on the Government Legal Department while the Grounds of Appeal have also been lodged with the Court itself.

The lawyers have requested for expedition from the Court in dealing with the application, which the Government’s own team can oppose as well as the application itself.

Following the December 1 decision by the Court of Appeal to deny our bid for a Judicial Review of the first lockdown measures, we made it clear that such was our conviction in this battle, that we would go to the highest court in the land. It is the only avenue left to hold the Government to account for the utter demolition it has caused to its people.

With the Covid-19 Winter Plan already in place and the Tiering system continuing to punish businesses and trampling over liberties, our case is now more crucial than ever. This is particularly significant following comments from Health Secretary Matt Hancock reinforcing guidance that the Tiering System will be in place until the Spring.

As of last Tuesday night, 99% of the population has been plunged into Tier 2 or Tier 3 restrictions as some 55 million people continue to live in a pointless purgatory of measures, which, as many are beginning to see, will cause irrevocable damage to the very industries which keep our country afloat.

Hancock’s comments mean we are facing at least another four months of lockdown in another name, and in that time cities – including London – could find themselves plunged into even tougher restrictions, despite the catastrophic effect it will have on society, health and the economy.

The next step is for the Supreme Court to decide whether to give permission for the appeal to proceed and if so, how quickly.

We will keep you fully posted as we have news.

As I have stressed, this fight is on behalf of the millions of families and businesses across the UK whose lives have been wrecked by policies hastily implemented without a second thought as to their implications. It is so significant that legal challenge has become one of the largest crowdfunded cases in UK legal history. We have raised over £415,000 from almost 14,000 pledges.

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