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Let's Demand: NHS - SAVE OUR HEALTH!

Updated: May 24, 2022

The "postcode lottery" for health service, now includes many more inhumane policies that mean you could be in one county and receive normal, empathic, quality medical support or ... You can literally be at RISK of serious misdiagnosis, refused relative visits, family support and even refused treatment!

It's time to demand our Health Service provide what it is designed to do.

Sajid Javid Threatens Naming & Shaming

Whilst Sajid Javid is most certainly not a friend of democracy, with his quiet backdoor push to bring in Digital IDs, on this occasion he is right to use whatever means necessary to shake up the Trusts that are guilty of abusing their patients.

"Isolation for NHS patients was cut from 10 days to seven with two negative tests in March and the need to isolate asymptomatic patients who are contacts of someone with the virus was also lifted."

Whilst reducing some of the measures implemented to 'protect' patients may seem a good start, once you learn that the tests are being grossly misused and have been debunked in their ability assist in any form of diagnosis, they should be removed and never seen of again.


The use of these flawed tests has been the backbone of the panic mongering in the media, the paranoia in the Health Service and the public and their inventor as many of our movement will know, categorically insisted they NEVER be used as a diagnostic tool for viruses.

So to find our Health Service is prepared to put newborns and their mothers at risk, because these tests are still routinely used to 'protect' babies, is absolutely abhorrent.

Keeping mothers and babies together could save more than 125 000 lives: WHO

So the World Health Organisation recognised that babies will die as a result of these insane measures. So where is their voice demanding that Hospitals prevent the risks to newborns?

There has never been a time when a mother would be separated from her partner during the most important time of bonding and need of support, never mind to have her baby taken away and cared for by strangers.

Midwives are trained in the health factors, both short and long term for infants and the mental health of the mother, so to know so many abided by these draconian rules is astonishing.

Keep Britain Free were contacted by a midwife last year who had left the profession after decades of loyal service. She explained how at the new 'training' for Midwives over covid policies, she asked the trainer;

"we know these policies will lead to the death of healthy mothers and infants"

The response the trainer gave is truly horrifying: "yes but they seem to be content with the risk"

Who are 'they'? The powers that oversaw these policies being implemented - which would have involved the then Health Secretary ... Matt Hancock. And her response indicates they were fully aware of the risks but went ahead anyway.


It has never been more clear, that patients going into hospital either for an emergency, for a planned operation or any treatment, need their families and friends for multiple reasons.

We can now clearly see, by shutting all relatives out of hospital rooms (and care homes), many died. They were neglected, mistreated, starved and dehydrated.

We also acknowledge the ongoing investigations into Midazolam overuse (misuse) in care homes and hospitals based on NICE guidelines that have since been replaced. That's a conversation for another post. But you may recall we first exposed the excessive use of Midazolam in this interview in 2020...

We are planning a new regular podcast as we speak, and we will be inviting YOU to join us as guests to share your personal stories of Lockdown Harms and that includes EVERYTHING that has caused harm in these 'pandemic' times.


Whether it's a parent being refused access to their child in distress, an adult refused access to their parent or a husband being refused access to his wife ... it is and will always be WRONG.

The evidence of how harmful separating people is at a time of distress, will come to light in the coming years. Every person involved, has suffered trauma.

Research into the effect of separating newborns (in adoption), showed that by separating them from the person whose body they have become familiar with in utero, causes a body trauma. Which in many cases is never treated but will remain a trigger for many future challenges in their lives.

A substantial body of research has identified positive patient outcomes related to open visitation policies, including rapid recovery times and decreased length of stay.

What this reaffirms, is that every human separated from their loved ones during this psychotic era of covid obsession, will have suffered delayed recovery, worsening symptoms, and Trauma.

Trauma lies beneath the surface of our consciousness yet has a profound effect on all of our behaviours; our happiness, our motivation, our health and our longevity.

One of our members is working on some content to support you, if you are suffering Trauma from these experience or as a result of the 'awakening' to the level of corruption and threats to our freedom in the last two years.


Campaigners for medical freedom have expressed their concerns over the ongoing suffering of patients and the terrible risks they are facing and pointed out ... if these measures are allowed to continue into the autumn months, they will likely be impossible to remove. We must force the NHS to restore the SAFE and appropriate health service, so that everyone can become accustomed to service as it should be.

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance have already written and published an Open Letter to the CEOs of NHS Trusts and Health Trusts calling for an end to unethical and unscientific policies that restrict or ban visitors and campaigning against ongoing Covid restrictions in the NHS, so if Sajid doesn't name and shame them, rest assured ... we will!"

Do you have a story? Contact us: kbfpod(at)