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Lockdown Oppression Continues

In January 2021 two men walked down the High Street in Stroud. These men were wearing sandwich boards with the words ‘Citizen’s Conversation’. They happened to be caught on camera speaking to someone and as a result now face prosecution for their actions. Their trial is scheduled for February 2023.

As a society we should be ashamed that such an arrest could even be contemplated. This is like a scene from Germany in the 1930s not the Cotswold heartland of Old England.

Our forefathers fought wars to keep us free. All of those involved in this prosecution – the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service – either had relations, ancestors or know people who did confront Nazis in the 1930s and 40s. And yet, how quickly do we descend into oppression and have our freedoms removed? Over what? Someone wearing a sandwich board talking to another sovereign human being in a public place?

The Hypocrisy Fully Exposed in 2022

Clearly those engaged in such a conversation made their own assessment of threat from an invisible plague. Others, if they were concerned, could avoid them. Unfortunately, at the time we didn’t know of the double standard being applied by Number 10; we didn’t know about the partying. Nor did we know about the Health Secretary canoodling with his mistress in his office. Those in power could exercise sovereignty but not the citizens who financially support them.

It is somewhat ironic that only 15 months beforehand, in September 2019, the Prime Minister was making grand statements at the UN about “an Orwellian world, designed for censorship, repression and control” which he compared to a “world of emancipation, debate and learning…”. He boasted that “seven decades ago, this General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with no dissenting voices, uniting humanity for the first and perhaps only time behind one set of principles. And our declaration - our joint declaration - upholds ‘freedom of opinion and expression’… and the right to ‘seek…and impart information and ideas’”.

The two Stroud citizens will come before the beak in February 2023. Their solicitors are upbeat that they can win. They have had other successes during this Covid crisis. And so it behoves all to provide whatever support we can: .

Every act of resistance and stand for freedom is an action on behalf of us all.


KBF was asked by the members to provide space to share their story. This we willingly do as Lucy Wyatt is a Guest Writer and writes for other like minded publications such as The Cons Woman.

We wish Marcus and Richard good luck!

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