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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

The Government is claiming that many of the restrictions on social interaction in England will be eased in a bid to ‘save the summer’, with pubs, restaurants and hotels among the list of businesses confirmed to re-open on 4th July.

Whilst this news may bring a collective sigh of relief, now is not the time for celebration. The Government has already set about imposing specific measures dictating the conduct of leisure activities, further impinging on our freedoms.

Going to the pub was once an enjoyable and spontaneous past time. Now it is being suggested that you will have to register in advance, providing your full name and contact details – otherwise you may be refused entry. This seems ludicrous when the only register that should be taken is the one for children at the beginning of the day at school – which they have been denied for months, with months to come.

Instead of moving forward and reacquiring the liberties that are rightly ours, there will now be a record of where we are going, at what time and who we are going with.

Where is our right to a private life? Where is our freedom?

These new measures will do little to boost consumer confidence and only further impede the speed and scale of an economic recovery.

The longer restrictions are in place, the worse this damage will be. We need to re-claim our freedoms and liberties. We need to take back control of our own lives. 

The is why Keep Britain Free exists, to bring together a movement of likeminded people who believe in personal freedom and will speak up against the obscene measures being implemented by the Government. 

Please share these updates with your networks and make sure you are following the Keep Britain Free social media channels, the links to which are at the bottom of this email.

For those of you that have already joined our cause, please consider adding #KBF to your handle or bio to help spread awareness of the campaign far and wide.

To further demonstrate your support, consider changing your profile photo to the Keep Britain Free logo, sharing the attached image asset on your channels, or posting a message of support such as the below:

“I believe in freedom of choice for all and the protection of personal liberties. The Government’s actions are crippling the economy, denying children education, and trampling over human rights. That’s why I am supporting Keep Britain Free – and it’s why we need to #endlockdownnow

With 4800 people now signed up to Keep Britain Free, our voice and influence is getting stronger each day.

Thank you all, for your ongoing support. Together, we will Keep Britain Free.

Have a great weekend,


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