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Parliamentary Debate to Demand a Public Inquiry on Covid Vaccine Safety

Axel McFarlane started a Government Petition in order to force an inquiry because he believes, there is more than enough evidence to support a full investigation.

The Government has commissioned a public inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic and has no plans for a separate inquiry on vaccine safety. The safety of COVID-19 vaccines is monitored by the Medicines Healthcare and Regulatory products Agency (MHRA)

In a week where sharing the MEPs Press Conference led to the main Keep Britain Free Twitter page being suspended, there is more and more evidence of serious concerns regarding the manufacture, nature of Government contracts, safety and efficacy myths and more.

One cause of huge concern, is the complete 'gaslighting' by officials and media of anyone attempting to open the dialogue, never mind support those affected with Vaccine side effects or death. The term gaslighting was used by Sir Christopher Chope, the MP who is desperately trying to get all MPs to agree to the support needed for the growing number of Vaccine Injured.

Currently the data shows a number of statistics regarding the potential for side effects including one that shows a serious side effect occurs 1:800. That's a pretty horrifying statistic.

Sir Christopher did manage to get a new All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Covid-19 Vaccine Damage and increasing compensation payments has now been established under his Chairmanship. Its stated purpose is:

To ensure scrutiny of the safety profile of Covid-19 vaccinations; provide a forum for those harmed or bereaved from Covid-19 vaccinations and review financial arrangements available to them; to ensure that the health services respond and provide care to those who have continuing conditions caused by Covid-19 vaccinations.

There are more and more respected medical experts calling for a pause in the rollout of these Vaccines (that don't actually vaccinate) to determine safety, who are under attack for speaking out.

Dr Malhotra bravely speaks while being vilified and abused on social media and even among his own peers (terrified the truth will out their silence!).

I find it very difficult to believe that Pfizer executives didn’t know this was going to cause significant harm.

Dr Aseem is exposing the level of corruption within the pharmaceuticals that allows for the media silence, biased opinion pieces and social media controls. He continues to fight for open and honest debate, sharing of scientific evidence and a full investigation into who is controlling this narrative.

From Axel's article regarding his petition:

Further issues, known at the time and mentioned but dismissed in the report, include:

  • 311 (1.4%) vaccine recipients vs 61 (0.3%) placebo recipients were excluded from the trial for "protocol deviations" (page 30). There is an infinitesimal probability of this happening by chance, but no explanation is given. The most likely cause, an adverse reaction causing the participant to withdraw from the trial, would have shown that the vaccine had a highly-negative safety profile.

  • 78% of participants were under 65, and all were healthy (although 46% had at least one co-morbidity, it seems that very few had more than one), but the initial target demographic was elderly people with multiple co-morbidities (page 30). In fact, for individuals over 75, the vaccine efficacy confidence interval was [-0.13, 1.00], meaning that there is a significantly greater than 5% probability that the vaccine makes the over-75s more likely to catch Covid (page 48). Following standard statistical methodology, this means that the null hypothesis, that the treatment has no benefit for the over-75s, should have been accepted.

  • The primary endpoint (mild Covid symptoms) was based on self-reporting, followed up by a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) (page 28). However, this is subject to (conscious or unconscious) bias if the researcher knows or suspects which arm (vaccine or placebo) the participant is in. This was later confirmed by the British Medical Journal's report[4] on the whistle-blower complaint of Brook Jackson, an operations manager at Ventavia, a contractor carrying out the trials for Pfizer, describing how researchers were unblinded and patients' adverse reports ignored or falsified.

  • The secondary endpoint (severe Covid) was never reached, with 1 case in the vaccine arm vs 3 cases (and no deaths) in the placebo arm, which in itself shows that Covid-19 was not the deadly disease it was purported to be (page 32).

  • The much-quoted 95% vaccine efficacy was based on 8 participants with Covid symptoms in the vaccine arm, vs 162 in the placebo arm (page 32). However, this is relative risk reduction (RRR) - absolute risk reduction (ARR), not quoted anywhere in the paper, is a less-impressive 0.88%[5].

You can watch the full interview with Axel and our host Leah here: httsp://


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