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All the Risk with Zero Benefit. Yet the roll out and coercive messaging continues. Learn what you need to know to ensure your child is safe.

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What's the Problem?

Most parents, regardless of their own choices to take the gene therapy (aka vaccine), will not risk their child's health with an experimental jab (currently that less than 5% - phew!)

There is a quiet knowing, that even though many succumbed to the coercions, threats of mandates or job losses, desperation to travel: that there is far too much not yet known about the CV Jabs to put a child in harms way.

Aside from that, most parents actually understand that their child is not at risk of the virus and the evidence shows that they are already at herd immunity with 85% (reportedly more!) having been naturally protected.

In the above interview Dr Ros Jones, an experienced and respected Pediatrician, is put into an unfair debate.

On the one side there is a Doctor working for a University, where funding comes in from dubious sources, particularly given his stance. He ignores Dr Ros question, "what should we do with the 85% of children who have had Covid and who are immune, who will be put at risk of far worse outcomes if they are injected?".

And on the other is Jon Gaunt, who claims to be concerned with 'health' and promotes his own program to support others, in improving their health? In the interview, Jon is insulting towards Dr Ros and even uses terms like 'alt right' and 'far right' when speaking with a hugely respected Medical Doctor with a specialism in Child Health!

His stance on children being used to ... protect adults is quite astonishing. He comes across as a; not very well educated man in terms of virology, has zero knowledge of the effectiveness or lack of of the experimental gene therapy (aka vaccine), nor does he appear to know how very dangerous the jabs are to children.

Yet he stands by his dangerous stance. He also seemed quite content to remain unconcerned by the children who WILL BE harmed by his and others like him, remaining determined in his belief - they should be used as 'shields' for older generations.

Safer To Wait believe children deserve better. They deserve our protection.

We all want to keep our children safe. When it comes to medical treatments, the benefits must outweigh the risks. We must not rush any decision that affects our children’s health – especially when that decision is irreversible

Safer to wait website is generated and maintained by a number of expert medical and scientific professionals who have worked for many years, with and for children.

Call to action

If you have been keeping up to date with the latest Pfizer document dumps, you'll already know that is a huge amount of devastating evidence of harms (8 pages!!) and now confirmation they KNEW that pregnant women were at risk (birth defects) and breastfeeding was strongly advised against!

There is much to unpack but ... at KBF we hope you will stay the course. Keep reading, keep learning, stay informed and above all - remain connected to those who are as 'awake' as you!

More to come ...

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