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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

A key pillar of our legal challenge is the unforgivable impact lockdown is having on the education of our children. In recent weeks, my judicial review proceedings have been instrumental in creating a brighter outlook for schools across the country.

On Friday 12th June, my legal team received a 58-page response from Government’s defence lawyers, stating that schools were never required to close and that:

"it is nonsensical for us to say that schools were closed, because they remained open for key workers and there had only been a 'request' that schools should shut their doors to other pupils.”

How can they claim this, when on March 18th, our Prime Minister solemnly addressed the nation with the words:

“after schools shut their gates from Friday afternoon, they will remain closed for most pupils until further notice”?

Clearly, the Government will go to great lengths to avoid any blame for the two million children who have done no work during lockdown and the £22 billion school closures have already cost the economy.

Yet their trickery of words has actually provided grounds for schools to push ahead with reopening in September. With the Government claiming schools were never legally required to close, it gives schools the legal basis to open. Using this document, they can open their doors without fear of insurance companies refusing to cover their legal liability for going against official recommendation.

This element of the judicial review proceedings was picked up by the press and referenced in the following pieces of media coverage this week:

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Primary schools told they can open fully with 15-pupil class size cap

Exclusive: Private schools set to ignore Government and open in September 'come what may'

Private schools are desperate to open – so why are they being stopped?

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