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Help Us Bring All NHS Trusts Into Line

Updated: May 17, 2022

It has never been more important that we take a stand and be proactive in our efforts to put pressure on the NHS Trusts to restore sanity to the services that our taxes fund.

We have a Campaign we would really appreciate your support on. It's a simple survey and the results will help us build a picture of which Trusts are acting appropriately and which need people pressure to assert the importance of a normal, empathic, caring, rational service.

At Keep Britain Free we are running our own ongoing campaign for the Covid Enquiry and we are supporting UKMFA with their NHS Trust Campaign.

We have a new survey and would really like your help.


The first port of call is the survey. Just by giving us your responses, we can build a picture of the opinions and experiences of the many.

NHS Trust Campaign

Why Now?

It has become clear that there is a new culture of bullying and coercion based on irrational, non scientific fear within the NHS.

As long as the Trusts continue to enforce mask wearing, testing (asymptomatic) and separation of family members during a time of great emotional need, they are continuing to cause more harm to the people of this country.

Individual members of staff, often don't know what specific policies exist and can provide no evidence for any of the draconian orders, so therefore cannot provide the ESSENTIAL information for 'informed consent'.

Imagine if these measures, unsupported by good science, are allowed to continue into the autumn. How difficult it would then ever be to restore normality to our lives and prevent this continued propaganda from infecting people's minds.

As long as the Trusts maintain their stance, corporate businesses, service providers and other organisations, feel they are at liberty to replicate.

The reality is ...

It makes zero sense for people to be able to go to work, travel on public transport (just think of the crushingly hot, overcrowded underground!), socialise, go to large events filled with thousands of people ... unmasked, no distancing, no testing required ... and then to walk into a hospital or Doctors surgery and be expected to follow ridiculous, unfounded rules!

Time is of the essence. This Campaign is a very important step towards us asserting our rights to insist upon scientific evidence based health care.

Fairness and facts over fear and politics!

What you can do to help ...

We have made it as simple as can be for you to add your voice in the form of a short survey.

When you complete the survey, you provide us with your experiences, the Trusts responsible and help us build a picture of where we need to focus our attention.

You also provide us with statistical evidence of just how many people have been and continue to be adversely affected by these measures.

In our survey form, we also ask those who are comfortable, to create a short face to camera video, to share your story. It should be no more than 2 minutes, as succinct as you can be, and preferably landscape in the filming.

If you aren't comfortable to show your own face or your full name, yet have an impactful story to share, we have administrators who are happy to read your story to ensure we get your experiences in the public domain.

We will also provide a platform on the KBFPod (our sister site that will host the new KBF Podcast) where you can, if you would like to share your entire story at length.

You can go to our brand new KBFPod page (the main site is in build mode) and complete the questionnaire. Where you can also let us know if you have a story you will share.

Reported experiences are horrendous ...

People are refused treatment if they are mask exempt or refuse (as is their right) the covid testing, newborns are separated from mothers, families separated from each other during painful and worrying times and those recovering from illness or trauma, are suffering alone sometimes for months without any connection to loved ones.

These draconian measures exist in 'some' Trusts but not all. The reports also include bullying, coercion, threats and much more.

We already have some videos coming in. If you are able to share your story in this way, all you need to do is position your mobile phone so you can be seen clearly.

Alternatively you can set up a free Zoom meeting and record. Make your video short for the NHS campaign, preferably 2 minutes long. Ensure the lighting is good and check your background. Landscape helps with the sharing. It doesn't have to be perfect, it does help if it's clear and the sound is the most important factor.

Here's the steps ...

  1. Make some notes on the important points to make

  2. Share who you are if you are happy to

  3. Set up the camera to landscape and check lighting

  4. Start recording and aim for no more than 2 minutes

  5. Speak as clearly as you can

  6. Send your recording to us survey(at)

These videos have amazing viral potential and make it very difficult for Government to ignore. The movements groups are mobilising to collect these types of content for all our collective social media accounts and invite all members to share, personally with friends or family or on your own social media.

When we flood the communication sphere with People's real stories, there will no avoiding us.