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The Great Reopening

The Great Reopening is taking place on 30 January 2021

Businesses across the UK unite! We are taking back the power over our own lives and businesses, in a national show of resistance by defying ludicrous lockdown rules and opening doors on 30th January.

After what is being called 'a mass civil disobedience campaign' in Italy, in which restaurant owners defied lockdown and acted in mass protest at the draconian rules by reopening their businesses, businesses in the UK are rising up and doing the same.

The government MUST know that we will not simply roll over and watch all we have worked for disappear. The only way to save our businesses, our rights and our freedom is to insist we still have them.

Join the shops, pubs, bars and restaurants opening on 30 January 2021 and let us know on this thread so we can spread the word and support you.

Here is a link to some great resources to help with this campaign:

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