The KBF Show Episode 1 Now Available

We are delighted to link to the KBF Show below. Please click on the image below.

In this episode we explore the main topic of the week; Back To School and the social distancing measures children face. We also put your questions to Simon, the founder of Keep Britain Free, and discuss the things that you have told us matter to you.

We also speak to the public and see how they are feeling about mandatory masks, and going back to school. We meet a couple of wonderful people, including a mother and child sad that they feel they cannot hug their friends and a very vocal lady insistent that we all think for ourselves!

We are sorry we could not fit in all question but we hope you enjoy the show. As our first ever episode we are very happy to hear your feedback and hope you will continue the conversation online, on all our channels and of course send us your topics for discussion in the coming weeks.

You can find the video here and share the link:

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We believe that the Govt has acted illegally and disproportionately over the COVID 19 lockdown and we are taking action.  

By forcing people to stay at home, and forcing businesses to close, they are, we believe, in contravention of basic Human Rights offered under English Law, that of the right to enjoy your property peacefully.

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