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The Lid is Blowing Off Big Pharma & Other Good News

The last few years have been incredibly challenging for us all. What we craved in 2020, is only now being revealed bit by bit.

When we wished for Doctors and Scientists to stand up and speak the truth about masks, rushed experimental jabs, lockdowns ... we could not have known there were so many desperate to do so but repressed by circumstances.

One of those circumstances was a lack of knowledge. As the truth has been revealed to individuals, they have sometimes taken their time to act.

We can either celebrate their choice to put their ego aside, their financial security on the line and their future credibility out to pasture or we can resent them indefinitely. Let's focus on the positives!

Andrew Bridgen MP Speaks In Parliament

Andrew Brigden is not the first MP to speak about the concerns over Pharma controlled 'science', he is the first to be at the mercy of the Media assault on his character. They're gunning for him in every which way they can, avoiding the topic he is a threat for highlighting and attempting to vilify him for something irrelevant.

Here is the speech that captured the attention of the freedom movement which is observed by Dr John Campbell, as the original speech is tough to find online.

This followed the efforts of the truth seeking, honesty speaking MPs at the Vaccine Safety Debate held the month before.

As you'll see a minister in this debate is using the psychological manipulator of vilifying anyone questioning the vaccine safety by labelling them 'anti-vaxxers' but also using the tactic of connecting them to 'flat earthers' to assert that nothing they say should be listened to.

Some might say that if controlled ops were to be doing anything to disrupt the validity of truth seekers words, that seeding conspiracy theories that a) do not serve what the movement needs to do and b) will be mocked - is an indication of the lengths those who want to silence dissent will go to.

Why didn't Andrew bridgen speak sooner?

It's been quite distressing and alarming that so few people in positions of influence, have spoken out about the harms caused by Lockdowns, Masks, separating society and rushed experimental injections.

The paranoia this has triggered amongst those who know 'things are not right' is palpable. In the interview with James Delingpole, Andrew Bridgen speaks about why he didn't stand up sooner, what he did believe, why and what enabled him to finally stand up for truth.

Like many, Andrew feels the line has been crossed when children and babies lives are under threat of these inflammatory injections.

The interview with James, is very enlightening. It puts to bed some of the theories such as; all MPs had placebo injections and everyone is in on the scam.

Watch James interviewing

Andrew here and tell us what you think?

What is also very important and needs highlighting, is the Medical Experts who are not only speaking out, but speaking out with evidence!

Dr Aseem Malhotra took nine long months to write and then publish his paper in a peer reviewed journal - which has NOT been challenged by any other in the medical or scientific community.

His paper is very damning of the trial data presented which led to claims by all of the jabs being 'safe and effective'.

It has become clear that even the first trial did not support that claim.

Here he is interviewed by Brett Weinstein who has a very informative 'medical' channel worth following:

You can support those speaking the truth

Dr John Campbell is often vilified for his truthful but very cautious sharing of facts. Dr Aseem Malhotra and Andrew Bridgen are both under attack daily on Twitter.

If you've a desire to help support the truth and therefore those who are dealing with devastating efforts to shut them down, I strongly recommend following them and showing them your support.

Dr Aseem Malhotra's Twitter is:

Andrew Bridgen Twitter is:

There are going to be more explosive revelations in the coming months, not least because Twitter is no longer censoring the Drs, Scientists, Investigative Journalists or Data Analysts who've been speaking their truths for months, some since the beginning.

Our own Twitter account for KBF is still suspended but we are hopeful that will also be released from it's virtual prison.

Meantime you can follow our Podcast Host who shares the same style of health and other freedom focused comments here:

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