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URGENT: Stop the WHO taking over our Democracy!

An opportunity has been silently provided for the 'stakeholders' to assert their thoughts, wishes, fears and concerns over the WHO being able to overthrow our own democratic principles and processes, to decide whether we'll go into lockdowns, be forced to wear masks, mandate medical experimental treatments regardless of harms or worse!

There is a consultation that no-one seems to have known about until Sunday Evening, with a deadline of Monday to voice your concerns.

You have the right to assert your wishes and uphold your right to choose who governs you, your country, your authorities and more!

Whilst the real fight to maintain sovereignty over our own choices in response to any future emergencies, health or otherwise, will be in the coming year, these hearings are an important starting point for setting a tone to refuse any suggestion the WHO be permitted to dictate global response. To even suggest that an unelected body, mainly funded by China and the profit driven, often corrupt Pharmaceuticals, be permitted to override our own voted in representatives and decide how we will live, is inconceivable.

We still have yet to demand that our existing Government ensure that no future emergency situation, can ever lead to such draconian measures being repeated! What we witnessed and suffered, can never be allowed to repeat.

Meantime, the WHO are a true threat to our sovereignty and if you have the time to make a stand, there is a little information below:

Dr Tozzi Outlines The CTA

In classic globalist style, the WHO are creating a veneer of public participation, so they can say we asked for it, when soon, they stick it to us at a whole new level.

The WHO invite you to participate in their Live consultation and to submit your written wishes. Please do so and share widely with your friends and family, your followers on social asap.

The Deadline is now!

The last date for submitting your concerns is Monday 11th April!

The WHO Rounds of public hearings

Per the timeline established by the INB, two rounds of public hearings are planned, as followed:

  1. First Round:12-13 April

  2. Second Round: 16-17 June

be the change you want to see

It's never too late to be heard, to express your thoughts and to stand up for what you know is right. We recommend a visit to Dr Tozzi's page first, to view the suggestions for making records of your concerns, to ensure the WHO cannot pretend the people did not participate valiantly standing up for their body autonomy, freedoms and Human Rights.

Dr Tozzi's Advice page:

  1. Share the page with everyone and call to their highest self to support the mission to STOP the WHO from faking a positive outcome

  2. Video your message

  3. Write down your message

  4. Submit to WHO

  5. Share your message in the public domain on repeat

  6. Make your record public, keep it public

  7. Use the hashtag everywhere #NoWHOPandemicControl

We already know, the globalists are talking up the 'next pandemic' as it serves a purpose to ensure compliance and obedience to Governments going forward. By handing over responsibility to WHO, the Government can conceivably appear to be innocent and unaccountable for any and all harms coming to you and your families, from any future draconian measures enforced.

This is just the beginning. There will be well thought out campaigns from many groups, with evidence and public support to come. Just hold the vision in your mind, WHO will not be dictating to us, how we live our lives, not now, not ever.

We won't let this happen

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