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We're Baaaack!

We're reigniting the website to promote campaigns & unite our groups Together.

The blog went quiet, the emails stopped and we took time to breathe and digest ...

Things got sticky for a while. And our volunteers had multiple personal problems arising out of the draconian measures that meant everyone needed to take some time.

We learned a great deal in the last two years. We learned there is more going on that meets the eye and that our Government doesn't work as cohesively as we may have presumed.

The social channels have continued until recently to add content related to the pandemic and the measures created by those who it sometimes seems, don't have the people's best interests at heart.

Our volunteer admin have never stopped working in the background, meeting other group leaders, collaborating on campaigns, supporting in person and on social channels and more.

Following the first televised protest against mask mandates in Summer 2020, the only protest KBF put our name to, we did a great deal of talking to the many groups that had sprung into life out of the same frustrations Simon Dolan expressed.

It wasn't as easy as we hoped back then, to create a united front. Since then, more groups have sprouted including the many professional groups of Lawyers, Doctors, Scientists and experts in their fields who finally linked arms in the joint effort to bring truth to the media and honesty to the public.

For many, the media driven panic, was too much and they fell to the 'trauma' that the public suffered. This is now well documented and evidenced as the many behaviour sciences joined together to ensure public obedience through fear.

Our original vision, was to be a portal for people to connect. Since then many in person grassroots organisations have been born and we aim to share their great work and invite you to participate in whatever ways suit your nature and your lifestyle.

We will share more on the campaigns each group is working on and where they are collaborating and you can support them on the Campaigns page and on the Blog.

Currently there are two legal cases to demand a pause in the *vaccine rollout for children. We fully support the 'Safer To Wait' campaign to protect children from an unnecessary, risky treatment. The virus, whatever it may be today, is weakened and poses no threat to our young. Yet they are dying and being seriously injured by the coercive measures to convince them and their parents it's in their best interests. This is unacceptable and unfathomable.

One of the basic Human Rights is to body autonomy and a freedom from coercion. That is broken into pieces by this Government ignoring the advice of the experts on the JCVI and instead, it appears they are listening to the profit driven corporations who wish for the same 'no liability' clauses to be added to these experimental gene therapies. It is clear ... they care about Profit over People and for some reason, our Government is content to support that.

To learn more about Safer To Wait, you can go to their website here:

More to come ...

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