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Keep Britain Free is a platform that uses our collective voice to protect the rights of the individual. Our right to think and speak freely. We want to tell your story!

We would love to share stories that demonstrate the importance of our campaign. Whether it be stories of how lockdown has caused you great adversity; perhaps you are losing a business, a care home owner left with the burden the government has thrust upon you, a parent of children who have lost their education, or a patient waiting to access basic healthcare? You may have a story of triumph; where you have taken your freedom into your own hands, or are doing something inspirational to take back what the government has taken away?

If you have a moving story that demonstrates the importance of KBF, we want to hear from you.

What started out as a personal journey for me, wanting to right the injustices damaging our society, quickly became a movement. A cause joined by likeminded souls brave enough to think and act for themselves. I want to bring your voices to our platform and our community.

We would love to share some of these in our videos and our blog posts. If you are happy to share your experiences, please either video, audio record, or write your testimony and send to where my dedicated team and I can watch, listen and read.

We obviously cannot guarantee to publish everything as so many of you are kindly interacting with us, but we will try to watch, respond and share as many as we can.

Thank you for your continued support,


PLEASE NOTE: For video please film in landscape profile.

‘Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual).'

Ayn Rand

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