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What did happen in the last few years and what did we learn?

Clare Wills Harrison is a lawyer and campaigner for Human Rights. She founded the Lawyers of Light support network and Awakened World during the pandemic years; as a way to support people looking for help, wanting to connect, with a desire for securing their Human Rights and body autonomy.

KBFPod continues to capture audiences

Clare Wills Harrison joined our podcast host Leah Butler for the very first introductory episode of KBFPod. The pair became friends in 2020 at the same time that Leah met Simon Dolan (our Founder). They decided their 'conversation' would be a great way to explain both the founding of KBF, the way they met and what they'd learned and experienced as a result of Government interferences in our freedom to live.

You can watch Episode One and Episode Two to learn more.

Another two episodes are awaiting publication before the New Year see's new guests join and less delay from interview to going live.

A Brand New live show ~ loose women for truth seekers!

Leah also pulled together an early version of the new for 2023 roundtable LIVE show: The Question is (the question today is for Facebook), to allay parents concerns over the media FEAR storm over StrepA.

You can watch the show on Facebook where it was streamed and if you choose to 'like the page', you'll be notified when the actual show is launched early next year.

The Question Is - is another brain child of our KBF podcast host. She feels that a 'mid ground' show may provide an opportunity to KBF members to share with family and friends who may not have been exposed to any truth in the last three years. It will be factual, evidence based, include expert interviews and be conversational in personality.

The show is 'loosely based' on the format of 'Loose Women' and is designed to appeal to those who want to hear 'opinions' of different people, with an expert sliced in between - who they can quiz. Dr Cartland was hoping to join but the short notice meant he was being called by a number of shows to speak on the same topic. You'll see him on future shows in the New Year along with other truthful Doctors and experts in many fields. Leah asks "Please don't judge the production of this brand new show, you'll see the software being used is brand new to the team and the intention to rush Episode One out, was the only reason for not having a smoother intro ..."

Coming up on the KBF Podcast 2023

Coming soon is the interview with Matt, the Paramedic who helped support the NHS100K group to stop the Vaccine Mandates. He provides insights into what he experienced plus how he's had to deal with the conditioning of the workforce to point of enormous stress. Once the NHS vaccine mandate was stopped ... all other's were prevented from being enforced. You may not know but Leah (KBFPod / The Question Is - host) on behalf of KBF community, worked closely with other groups to build a suitable campaign for both stopping the vaccine mandates and worked closely with other behaviour experts (the good guys!) on the creation of Together Declaration.

In 2023, you will see more about the collaboration of our KBF Team working with groups in many fields to bring about positive change, a joined up collective and a powerful surge of public opinion focused on; what true Brits actually want for our world and our people.

Watch this space for more updates, content, collaboration, KEEP BRITAIN FREE!

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